Track Lab

RoleArt Director

Artwork for “Track Lab”, a VR game exclusively made for the Sony PlayStation VR launched in 2018.

In Track Lab we find ourselves in a virtual space, which we observe from the perspective of the first person (FPP). The songwriting process is intuitive, we place bubbles on a luminous line rolling around circles corresponding to specific sounds; when a ray of light reaches a specific bubble, the sound behind it is played.

I was responsible for creating the visual style and direction for Track Lab.

At the beginning of the project I setup the art style, render pipeline and developed art benchmarks for creating content. During production I managed and coached a team of artist to ensure that the environments and asset match the quality and visual identity of Track Lab. Working closely with the design and programming department to achieve a cohesive style and make sure everyone shared the same vision.

Besides my main role as Art Director I also worked on several technical related tasks to help out and support the art department. Including creating textures, user interface and procedural visual effects throughout the game.

Music creation mode, a grid where all the optics and elements are placed.
Closer view at the DJ Booth where players can play their created music.
The environment around the dj booth which interacts and animates with the music.
Music creation grid with some effects based on the triggered audio events.
DJ Booth overview
Track Lab launch trailer for Sony PlayStation VR