Shaka Bay

Year2020 (Canceled)
RoleArt Pipeline & Visual Effects

Artwork created for “Shaka Bay”, a life sim / surfgame pitch demo. Unfortunately, this game never made it into production.

“Welcome to the island of Shaka Bay, a leisurely place where nomads travel around and have a good time. Join the tribe and hop in your van. Travel to the various locales where you will meet a large cast of people introducing you to a lot of crazy and laid-back activities

I was responsible for setting up the art pipeline and material setup. At the beginning of the project I setup the render pipeline and developed art benchmarks for creating content. During production I managed and coached a team of artist to ensure that the art assets match the quality and visual identity of Shaka Bay.

Besides establishing the art pipeline of the game, I worked on several technical related tasks to help out and support the art department. Including creating modular materials for the environment and visual effects throughout the game.

Island overview
Walking around in the island demo environment.
Shoreline visual effect created in Unity Shader Graph
Procedural materials to create multiple variations created in Adobe Substance (maps) and Unity Shader Graph (shader)

Here you can see the procedural materials applied to the interiors. (Interiors are created by Mia Boas)

Player Cabin

Water Materials

Water and wave shader created in Unity Shader Graph
Shoreline shader
Water shader (Surface, Depth, Waves, Foam)
Surfing with additional trail effects created with particles and render texture