Blitz GT

RoleArt Director

Artwork created for “Blitz GT”, an arcade team-based racing game for steam/pc platform.

“Blitz GT is an electrifying driving game that combines blistering arcade racing with thrilling vehicular combat in a vibrant futuristic world. Electricity powers the future of racing. In Blitz GT, you’ll need to build up your energy to power your victory. Smash your opponents and siphon their Kilowatts to get ahead. Take down your enemies in frantic, team-based action, designed for competitive co-op.”

I was responsible for setting up the art pipeline and environment direction for Blitz GT. At the beginning of the project I setup the render pipeline and developed art benchmarks for creating content. During production I managed and coached a team of artist to ensure that the art assets match the quality and visual identity of Blitz GT.

Besides establishing the look & feel of the game I worked on several technical related tasks to help out and support the art department. Including creating modular materials for the racetracks and visual effects throughout the game.

Factory track entrance
Factory production area
Charging batteries visual effects
Factory pitlane entrance
Factory powerplant
Factory powerplant
Powerplant visual effects made with Unity VFX Graph and Shader Graph
Factory beaty shot
Factory skybox cloud card effects
London track
London tunnel section visual effects
London tunnel sections to cut off the main racetrack
London beauty shot