Marvel’s Avengers

RoleLead Artist
Crystal Dynamic Engine
Substance Painter

Artwork from “Marvel’s Avengers” a PC, Xbox and PlayStation game launched in September 2020.

Working closely with the art director and a team of talented environment, lighting and vfx artists to ensure that environments and assets match quality and identity of the game. Additionally, ensure that art assets are performant and fit within their memory budgets. Leading and mentoring other artists within the art department as needed.

Besides my main tasks I was able to help and support the art team by creating additional production tasks.

Our art department were responsible for creating the Avengers Helicarrier in several states throughout the storyline.

In 2017 I was mainly involved during the block-out phase of the helicarrier making asset lists and fleshing out some of the first hero rooms like the main corridors, war table, command deck, Tony’s workshop and Bruce’s lab.

Main corridors in scaffolding
Main corridors up and running
War table
War table
Up and running
Fight scene with the Hulk
Tony’s Workshop
Bruce’s Lab
Rebuilding the helicarrier
Hangar area