RoleArt Director

Artwork for “Birthplace” which is a mobile free to play game launched in 2020.

THE JUNGLE IS UNDER ATTACK! Replant the rainforest, bring back the animals and chase away intruders in this fun strategy game. In this exciting strategy game you will help a orangutan and a boy to replant the rainforest. ​As the rainforest expands, more and more animals return to the forest.

“In this game the player learns of real world issues like deforestation and loss of wildlife, through fun and exciting gameplay. Meanwhile the game gives back by supporting real world projects with revenue that is made in the game.”

Together with Sil van der Woerd who created the game concept and vision behind the project we created the visual identity and art direction for Birthplace game.

During production I managed and coached a team of artist to ensure that the environments and game assets match the quality and visual identity of the game. I worked closely with the design and programming department to achieve a cohesive style and make sure everyone shared the same vision for the game.

Besides my main role as Art Director I also worked on several technical related tasks to help out and support the art department. Including setting up the render pipeline, creating procedural terrain materials, textures and visual effects throughout the game.

Early environment concept art made by Isabella Koelman
Setting up some basic shape rules and documenting them in a style guide to brief the art department.
Translating concept to actual 3d models.