Rose Online

R.O.S.E. (Rush On Seven Episodes) Online was my first MMORPG I played back in 2005.
What I like most of the game are the hand painted textures and its colorful environments.
As a hobby project I’d started to get involved in the ROSE mod community to mess around with the game engine and game assets.

Instead of hacking your way in the ROSE engine and create custom tools I liked the idea of porting the assets into the Unity engine. (Since Unity already provides build-in development tools.)

To get started I needed some game assets to play around with.

  • Terrain
    First of all I build a rose heightmap converter to the Unity terrain system.
    Special thanks to rl-1 and xadet for sharing the C# .HIM handler.I converted the rose online “TOWNNAME” map to a splatmap texture to define the right textures to the terrain.
  • Textures (in general)
    ROSE uses DDS (DirectDraw Surface) textures and these can be easily converted to PNG or loaded directly into Unity.
  • Buildings & Props
    I used a DirectX ripper to get the whole scene at once instead of manually getting each building/prop exported.
    All the buildings & props where properly ripped and imported at a 0,0,0 world coordinate in 3dsmax.
    From this point I created a FBX export with buildings & props.
  • Environment
    All the exported content needed to be placed manually on the terrain inside the Unity engine.
  • Lightmaping
    After the buildings and props are placed on the terrain we can create the lightmaps inside Unity using the beast lightmap tool.
  • Character, NPC & Animations
    Thanks to cssvb94 I managed to get the rose online character & npc to SMD’s.
    Imported the SMD files in 3dsmax with this plugin. Create a FBX export from 3dsmax for the Unity engine.
    Same flow for the weapons, armor, clothing, etc…
  • Coding
    I choose to use a framework called plyGame to get things “running”.
    plyGame is a visual based development tool.

Here is a short demonstration what I’ve done along the way.

In Unity you can setup things really fast, especially with the plyGame framework you’re able to setup rpg mechanics easily.

It’s really fun to walk around in a game world u played back in the days and customize the terrain and object placement and play around with the assets.